Telecine “Go to the Movies”


Gold Winner at PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2017 for the category of “Channel image promotion campaign”.

These are a series of 6 TV  and Cinema spots done for Telecine, a local Movie channel.

Iconic movies were used in the campaign, Jaws, Rocky, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Star Wars and Back to the Future, using the beautiful city of Rio as the back drop, it was a lot of fun to draw and animate these characters and to be part of this campaign.

The text at the end says “See the world with different eyes” “Go to the Movies”


Agency: Tournê
Creative Director: Eduardo Mourão
Creation and Copywriter: Nathália Oliveira e Camila Martinez
Director and Editor: Otavio Pinto
Photography Director: Alex Araripe
Animator and Graphics : Sid Ahearne
Compositing and Colour Correction: Bernardo Brik
Assistant Producer: Tayla Silva / João Victor Pessanha
Music and Sound design: Flavio Biniou and Fael Mondego
Audio Mixer: Paulinho Chagas