Bigshinypixel proudly present their latest work on “Smalties” for CMB Advertising, I was the Lead Animator on the project and also modeled and textured the unicorn Lexi.   These tiny little super heroes leap into action with every drink, working hard to give you the boost, brainpower and vitality whenever you need it!

Bigshinypixel Team:

Nicholas Maxwell – Creative Director. -Edit, Comp, Tech
Rajendra Ramkallawan – Storyboards, Environment / Props Designer, Animatics.
Fabien Kong – 2D Character Artist
Orion Holder – 2D Character Artist
Okera Damani – 3D Character Modeler, 3D Texture Artist, Environment Modeler
Corretta Singer – 3D Character Modeler, Texture
Kishan Narine – 3D Props Modeler
Leigh Taylor – 3D Technical Assistant Cleanup.
Siddhartha Ahearne – 3D Character Modeler, Lead 3D Animator
Marcello Maccarrone – 3D Character Modeler Freelance
Vanessa Thieffry – Rigging
Samara Lallo – Production Assistant, Voice Talent
Renée Pollonais – 3D Production Assistant